Now Available on WooCommerce: Norton Shopping Guarantee With Package Protection

For consumers, online shopping is risky. To start, there’s the shipping component. With over $13.4B lost in package theft last year alone, it’s no wonder over 50% of online shoppers worry about package theft daily.

Shoppers also worry about whether they can trust your storefront. In 2024, 70% of online shopping carts were abandoned, and a quarter of those were because shoppers did not trust the sites with their credit card information. They state that a lack of “social proof” such as reviews or other user content is enough to make them abandon their carts. After all, they don’t want to contribute to the growing $10B lost annually to fraud.  

Package theft, fraud, and more—consumers have a lot to worry about. To overcome their doubts and anxieties, you need to prove that you offer a safe, secure buying experience.

Build trust by guaranteeing a safe buying experience

As the only shipping insurance focused extension on the WooCommerce marketplace, Norton Shopping Guarantee is ready to partner with you to improve customer confidence in your storefront. Our Package Protection service is free for merchants and was built to ensure your customers feel taken care of. With Package Protection, you’ll be able to offer customers the following benefits:

  • $100 Lowest Price Guarantee: If the price goes down on your website within 30 days, your customers are refunded the difference.
  • $1,000 Purchase Guarantee: Ensures your customers receive the right product if they are shipped the wrong item.
  • $5,000 Package Protection: Shipping insurance with hassle-free claims for loss, damaged, or stolen packages no matter the carrier or service level used.
  • $10,000 Identity Theft Protection: Protects customers from fraud with ID recovery services and reimbursed expenses.

Increase cart conversion and repeat customers by reassuring shoppers with Norton Shopping Guarantee 

In addition to the shopping guarantees, having a third party vouch for your business is a major part of reassuring customers and providing social proof. You can bolster trust by placing Norton Shopping Guarantee trustmarks in key locations throughout the website and checkout process.

This will reduce cart abandonment stemming from trust concerns by showing your business is supported by Norton Shopping Guarantee, and reaffirms that the shopper can lean on us if something goes wrong with their order. Clear investment in your customer’s experience will improve trust, cart conversions, and the likelihood of repeat purchases.

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